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Who We Are

The Florida State Chapter of the National Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association of Tillery, NC organized on issues and concerns of the Black Farmers in the US and abroad.

The Florida chapter of BFAA represents the entire State under the auspice of our national organization. During various times of the year, we have active statewide membership drives through agricultural and municipal fairs, newsletters, radio broadcasts, the assistance of Florida A&M University, and word of mouth.

Our Mission

Our Mission of the Florida Chapter, in addition to national goals, is to educate and train Black Florida ranchers and farmers on the latest techniques of farming for economic improvement and self-independence for economic improvement and self-independence, while promoting and marketing their products and providing cultural fellowship.


Our Purpose

The Florida state chapter of the national Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association organized to support and advocate for issues and conerns of Black Farmers across the US and abroad. Our Vision is to recruit all the black farmers and agriculturalists throughout the State of Florida and offer a support system and marketing tools for international trade and strategic partnerships.

From the newly freed enslaved of 1863 to today’s black farmers, African-Americans throughout the Americas have fought to acquire and maintain land and culture, while encountering crippling obstacles along the way.

  • In 1910, nearly one million black farmers in the U.S. owned a total of 15 million acres; by 1969 they held only 6 million acres.
  • in 1920, blacks owned 14% of the nations farms; today, by 2020 there are just over 45,500 farmers, representing less than 1% of all farms.

So what happened? 

This is where, we continue the story with the next generation of black farmers equipted with modern tools, techniques and technology forging a new frontier in Florida farming, trading and international markets.

Leadership Team

Ronald Burton, President

Mr. Burton is a Vietnam veteran who worked on helicopters while in the Service. After his military service, Mr. Burton returned home to Ocala, where he married Ms. Alice Nichols and became a self-employed businessman. As his family grew, he became employed as a lead engineer for an environmental engineering firm that specialized in nuclear and hazardous materials for over 13 years.

With the growing love of his early years, Mr. Burton returned to farming whereby he started to grow row crops and hay. He worked a brief stint for the USDA as a crop loss adjuster. Since then Mr. Burton has been a highly successful and knowledgeable farmer continuing to grow various row crops and produce volumes of hay.

Mr. Burton is well known and respected in the Community and will be an excellent leader of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association-Florida Chapter.

Dr. Latresia Wilson, Vice President

Dr. Latresia Wilson, MD is a emergency medicine specialist in Gainesville, FL. She currently practices at Shands Hospital University FL ER and is affiliated with AdventHealth Ocala. Dr. Wilson is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

Alice Burton, Secretary

Randall Rolle  – Treasurer

Scheril Murray-Powell – Strategy Director


Board of Directors

Ronald Burton   President

Latresia Wilson, MD

Alice Burton

Randall Rolle

Courtney Wilson

Thomas Nichols

Donald Gillum

Abdul Merida

Our Programs

Each month we host programs and workshops, including our youth conservation and preservation camps, healthy food program, bringing healthy food awareness and access to underserved communities.

Recently, BFAA nationwide has established new partnerships with several land-grant colleges and private entities to ensure small farmer sustainability.


  • teaching members modern farming techniques;
  • advising members regarding new crops.


  • providing financial planning and awareness;
  • direct farm-to-customer selling techniques;


  • advocating for changes in laws that continue to discriminate against minorities;
  • educating members regarding legal issues;

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