Sowing Seeds

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Hydrophonic/PodPonic Farming

Imagine you’re south of Atlanta standing in the middle a vacant lot of red clay – barren soil where surely nothing can grow. You’re looking for a produce farm, PodPonics, but all you see are rows of seemingly abandoned shipping containers. Taking a closer look you realize that inside the containers is the future of farming and produce so fresh you might want to slap it . . . .

Seminars Coming Soon

Microloans for Farms

Microloans may be used to cover both annual operating expenses (e.g., seeds, animals, small equipment) and to purchase farmland. Microloan repayment schedules and loan terms are similar to those of Direct Operating and Ownership Loans. We will discuss what Microloans are right for you.

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Local Farmers Meetup

Local Farmers gatherings planned throughout Florida to discuss what matters most in seeds, sowing, equipment, legislation and effective local, national and international go-to-market strategies for Black Florida Farmers.

Seminars Coming Soon

Marketing and Trading Strategies for Black Farmers

Explore new strategies in marketing to multi-cultural and multi-ethnic health consciencious consumers locally, nationally and internationally.  Discover how Black Farmers can impact global markets in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

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Home Gardening Workshop

If you have been wanting to start your own organic garden, have been trying to garden organically but have been struggling, or have been gardening and want to use more organic practices and get more produce, this course would be great for you!

Workshops Coming Soon

Seed Starting

We’ll demonstrate and go over how to start your own seeds professionally and successfully. We are also doing this organically and biodynamically – using herbal teas to prevent damping off, using organic nutrients, etc. For anyone planning a big garden, starting your own strong and healthy seedlings is imperative!

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